• Rachel Roach: the hunger games from Peta's pov would be Twilight
  • Rachel Roach: 'katniss entered the breakfast car. her skin sparkled with a deathly radiance. her eyes glinted silver, silver as the heads of the deadly arrows of her bow. my heart stopped.'
  • meretriviality: hjkhk
  • Rachel Roach: 'dear diary katniss looked at me today'
  • Rachel Roach: 'dear diary today katniss grunted vaguely in my direction. then she went to go murder a rabbit. if i don't tell her my feelings some day there is no meaning to my life'
  • Rachel Roach: 'dear diary, katniss is off macking on gale again, who is a gorgeous match for her beauty and splendor. they're probably making trees weep for their elegant radiance. fuck my hot life.'
  • Rachel Roach: 'dear diary today i dropped a book and katniss picked it up for me. her fingers are warm and callused. she smells like soap and wonder. i can die happy.'
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