but you ask yourself

where is my mind

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future fish!

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Rin got number 1 in Animage’s latest popularity poll!  Go Rin, go!!  
Makoto, Haru and Nagisa also placed. :D


Rin got number 1 in Animage’s latest popularity poll!  Go Rin, go!!  

Makoto, Haru and Nagisa also placed. :D

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I’m hopeful in opening up commissions because I have a very dear friend of mine who is in need. She is a wonderfully smart and talented girl from Uganda who has helped me in ways I cannot repay her. She was supposed to go to med school (she even made it in!) but for reasons involving her visa, she was unable to go. Now her work visa has expired and she has no way to work, let alone make ends meet. The only reason she is still here is because she managed to get enough money to enroll as a student in a community college so that she can remain as a student. In addition, her father is in the hospital after a major accident and her brother has not been able to come home.  Whatever money I can make here, even if it is just a little I want to be able to give to her. If you guys can help me get her through the week or pay her phone bill for the month, that I would be more than grateful!


image**additional of anything is half the price of the original o//


  • I’m open to drawing pretty much anything!
  • There are a few things that I am not comfortable with drawing:
    extremely muscular characters, anthros, nsfw, pairings with anime characters).
  • If you request something that is not listed but I am uncomfortable with I will let you know ; q ; 

My strengths lie in drawing bishies, dynamic poses, details, and I will draw mechs (example linked). I am the quickest at doing lineart and monochromatic colors! Fullbody obviously will take me much longer. 


  • I will start on the commission after I receive payment. If you would like, I will send you a WIP of your commission, so feel free to ask me or give your input!
  • If you are interested please email me at with the following:

(Email title should be, ‘Commission’) 
Type of Commission: (Lineart, Knee up, Waist up, etc)
Characters & Various references: (If there are additional characters please add relationship between the characters so that I can draw them correctly!)
Additional Info or questions:

When I’ve confirmed everything, I will reply and give you my friend’s paypal email! Thank you so much for your time and consideration. If you cannot buy from me, please please PLEASE reblog or signal boost! It would mean the world to me and my friend O)-«< THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

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I have quite a few promo postcards lying around, and most of them are old and not much use anymore. So I’m giving away three packs of 4 postcards each. The purple ones have a little white doodle in the front (like so), but otherwise, all the postcards are untouched. So you can either keep them to yourself as mini-prints, or actually use them.

All you have to do is reblog this post* and you’ll be included in the random selection! This will be running from now, throughout the weekend, until Monday 29th, morning (GMT). I’ll announce the 3 winners shortly after. I’ll send these anywhere in the world.

*Reblogs only! Likes are sweet, but won’t count.

If there’s a lot of interest I might dig into my stuff and add a few more goodies so a few more people will get something.


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Very last reblog for all those who haven’t seen this yet!

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# omg


Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun kiss challenge requests! This time I got forehead, hand, and back for the respective pairings~

Requested by zabsofnightvale, shoeboxing, and this-ffffire-is-out-of-controol

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Do number 8 for kashiwa and hoti because he came even reach her face AHAHSKJDK jail


this kiss challenge ask from my waifu lazewarrior was so beautifully worded that I think it deserved some special recognition - number 8 is chin btw


((((drawn w/ my forever talented left hand)))

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ちゃん凛 luv RIN

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"B-but…Hide…Hide w-will know th-that I’m…that I’m a…!"  expectation vs. reality.

"you’re a monster" / "all this time…you’ve had to suffer like this."
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  • kirst: he’s so big 2
  • jerry: hes massive omg
  • jerry: if he push me with finger
  • jerry: he push me into orbit
  • kirst: LSDKGJLKSDG
  • jerry: /boop/
  • jerry: FWOOSH
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i don’t know i just wanted to draw some comfort hugs ‘&lt;’


i don’t know i just wanted to draw some comfort hugs ‘<’

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I didn’t have my tablet this weekend so I did some traditional drawing!!

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